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The Home of Svendborg Brakes in South Africa

We offer a complete solution from high speed brakes, low speed brakes, yaw brakes, locking devices and hydraulic power units
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Rotor Brakes

Reliable solutions, ultimate up time and zero problems.

Yaw Brakes

State of the art active yaw systems for medium- and large-sized wind turbines.

Hydraulic Power Units

Built and engineered to meet almost any thinkable requirement and challenge.

About Us

Sintech offers commitment of service and support of Svendborg Brakes products throughout SA and the neighbouring countries

Sintech is an original equipment supplier of:
The Green Alternative

Doing the right thing, for the environment

To focus on environmental and health issues, Svendborg Brakes have developed a new series of friction materials in accordance to REACH legislation. It means they are asbestos free and contain less than 0.1% of Mercury, Chromium 6+ and Lead and less than 0.01% of Cadmium.

All electrical items comply with the RoHS directive and with all Automotive rules and directives, related both to OE and AM Applications.

than 0.1%
of Mercury, Chromium 6+ and Lead
than 0.01%
of Cadmium
Maintenance & Installation

Fast, safe and proven!